The real imagination-Augmented Reality (Augmented)

Reality is associated with physical sense, based on what really exists rather than the imagined things. The new media incorporates with the advanced technology, which also changes on things we can touch, see and hear. The reality is no more only about the real emergence but virtual things as well. The reality would be augmented to offer multi-dimensional senses to audiences. Moreover, augmented reality is a live, direct or indirect way to detect the real world environment, which elements are augmented by computer-based sensory input such as sound, video and graphics (2013).

The augmented reality is different from virtual reality, which produces a two way symmetrical communication relationship between computer-based sensory and the real-world environment. For example, when I had been to Paris this year, I found an app produced to help tourists visit the Louvre. Basically, it’s impossible for tourists visit all of treasures in the Louvre by one day due to its large dimensions. The Louvre app help people direct the way to find the most attractive exhibition in the Louvre such as the painting of Monalisa, sculpture of Venus and Nike of Samothrace. Furthermore, the Louvre app also provides the basic information to introduce the background of these exhibitions, which help people memorize and know the European history and culture. This app augmented the locations of reality to a 3D dimension, and help people direct the way to find what they are really looking forward to see. As Mashable states in the article, the augmented app is a helpful tool, especially where maps cannot always help you what you’re looking for such as the big museum (2013). The augmented reality app improves daily life and gives people a feeling of immersive with the environment.

Moreover, the augmented reality media also can help you make the decision when you are doing shopping. As an example of Ikea, customer can use augmented reality to browse the stores virtually with smartphone. Also, it’s predicted that as the emergence of 4D printing, people will be able to buy a chair from Ikea, bring it home and watch it assemble by itself (2013).

(IKEA 2013 Catalog with augmented reality, 2012, Newsgadgets.)

(Skylar Tibbits, 2013, director of the MIT Self-Assembly Lab, demonstrates the future of 4D printing.)


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