We are under control?(Metacommunication)

What’s media ecology? Postman defined the central notion of media ecology as the study of media as environments (Postman, 1970, 161), also it can be equally to say the the study of environments as media. Generally, media ecology is a study of complex set of relationships or interrelationship among symbolics, techniques, media and culture.

Below is a youtube link, a more clear definition of media ecology made by Lance Strate.

Also, there is an interesting example of Media ecology.

Then, we’d love to ask who is media ecology? How the communication of media and their techniques modified in human perception, understanding, feeling and value; and how human interaction with media facilities?  The media communications especially are rhetoric study which is the art of persuasion. It has potential power  for controlling the dangerous crowd which is out of control.

Let’s take meta-communication here as an example to illustrate how media communication has potential influences on controlling. Meta-communication as a new, third stage of media coverage reflects that media has a pleading role as a political institution in the third age of political communication (2001). For example. we always follow the information given by newspaper because it has an object stand to distribute information. It’s a kind of meta- communication, the media has a equal discourse role as political institutions. Our origin of information is sort of controlled by media, but are we under control?  For example, President. Obama has a political campaign team which comprised different areas of professions. The discursive discourse made by Obama is really impressed and persuasive to influence the voter’s mind. The media event Obama’s team used has a potential power to present a matured politic thinking and persuade the voter’s to support him. Sometimes, the correct use of media strategy will proportional control the audiences.


Postman, N. (1970), The reformed English curriculum. In A.C. Eurich (Ed.), High school 1980: The shapre of the future in American secondary education (pp.160-168). New York: Pitman.

Spin Doctors in the Unites States, Great Britain and Germany, Meta-communication about media manipulation, The International Journal of Press/ Politics January 2001, vol.6 no.1 16-45: SAGE.


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