Brands Connect With Media Events(Event)

Media event refers to a way of communication to achieve a purpose of media publicity. I bet almost every Internet user would not be unfamiliar with Apple new products launch event. As a new product will be released, Apple always has a novelty launch event to introduce it to the customer. We’ve got a little more to show you, is their latest launch event for iPad mini, which impresses the audience a lot. It’s not only means the new product will be released later, but also means the size of the product will be smaller. Similarly, many brands concern how to titillate the customer with usage of media event.


The terms ‘information society’ or ‘computer age’ reveals the technology-thinking notion that the society is shaped by its dominant technologies (Murphie & Potts, 2003, 12). Similarly, technologies also register the culture change directly in relation to media change. The media events could be divided into two different forms that based on different technologies. Traditionally, media events are covered in the mass media such as press conference, new announcements, television ads or guest speeches. Nevertheless, it’s digital era right now. Everything happens from Internet firstly, such as YouTube video, Facebook pages and Twitter posts. It also should be mentioned here is, ‘global media events’ are created by the new media technologies, the Internet, which allows people to access the international information.

The Apple is the professional expert at using such media events to drum up excitement for its products although other manufacturers are increasingly trying to use the strategy. Recently, it’s not really difficult to find that many manufacturing company adopt this strategy, such as Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft. However, Apple has nearly perfected the launch event, using them to drive anticipation and increase the sales. Apple’s media events are successful because they focus on the mobile experience over the technology itself and they help build a feeling of community around the Apple brand. We could find that the launch event of Apple not only garners attention for the product, it also boost the reputation of the brand. The product launch event of Apple shows the good relationship between brands development and media events.

The video below is a trailer of Ipad Mini.


Murphie, A., Potts, J. (2003), ‘Theoretical Frameworks’ in Culture and Technology London: Palgrave Macmillan, 12.


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