Reading Habit Has Been Changed

Open publishing is different from old traditional publishing, it aims creating a transparent way to disseminate information and creating news to general public. Overwhelmingly, the Internet is the best choice to achieve open publishing than any other ways, such as newspaper and books. Fundamentally, Internet sites could open publishing software allow anyone to get access with free content and upload the unsolicited  information directly without monitoring.

For economical and convenient thinking, more and more people are falling into using tablets to read books and receive information. Actually, I become one member of  them last year when I started my Uni study. Initially, I found if I print all readings and lecture notes, it would be heavy and easily lost. Therefore, I chose use ipad to take notes and reading articles. Coincidentally, my friends recommended me a bestseller book,and I just tried to search in the apple store and I got a free version to read. And now, I become a genuine e-reader.

Let’s have a macro look on E-reading. Apparently, the traditional concept of a ‘book’ likes magazines and periodicals has been changed under pressure of tablets devices, Naughton mentioned in his article. The advent of ipad and other tablets devices, in other words, could be called like e-books (2010). And that also could save the books with embed pictures and videos. We have to say this is a fascinating change for most people who are frequent book buyers. The advent of ipad and other tablets devices could make reading easier, cheaper and more convenient. For example, everyone could read books when they have lunch or get on the buses. E-readers could get access a variety of books than going to physical book store and they don’t have to wait for unavailable books at that time. Otherwise, Kindle and Nook, which are available to offer the e-books just replicates the experience of reading a physical book, they do not change the experience of reading print, Wortham mentioned in his article (2010). Also, she advises e-readers could comment and discuss the e-article and share with others via social network, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Surprisingly, an innovative software, Voiceover, invented by Apple could help more blind readers to have sound reading experiences(2010).



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